About Us

Matt and Dan
Where did this awesome/crazy/unique/strange/egg-citing idea come from?

In 2016, after grinding for years in the hyper-competitive beef jerky business, we watched our competitors switch to meat sticks and meat bars—we didn’t want to be another “me too” company. Around this time, the US Dietary Guidelines changed, clearing the healthy eating pathway for eggs...yolks and all!

The prospect of creating the world's first anytime/anywhere Omelet Bar was thrilling. We used every cooking method in our repertoire to try and create a savory, fluffy and delicious omelet bar with a long shelf life. We even left the country in our quest for new cooking methods.

In 2017, with discretion being the better part of valor, we decided to phone a friend, partnering with a like-minded, visionary group of dreamers in Chew—a dynamic, gifted group of chefs and food scientists who thrive on creating new-to-the-world, all-natural foods and beverages, Chew had the chops to help us make even our most egg-centric dreams come true.

We found a tried and true cooking technique that employs both temperature and pressure (kind of like a pressure cooker). Using this technique, our whipped eggs are vacuum sealed into their trays before they’re cooked in the packaging. The quiche-ified mixture doesn’t touch the atmosphere until you pop the seal. No air means no preservatives are necessary for long-term stability.

We strongly believe in healthy eating and sustainability and there is a lot of mis-information spreading around about egg claims. Cage Free? Pasture Raised? Free Range? Organic? Heritage? Brown vs White? Ahhhh! Overload. We studied hard and we’ve learned a lot about the differences. And, it’s imperative to us and our families that Scramblers meet a high bar for quality. Whole eggs are our first ingredient and we need them to be top notch. Enter Pete and Gerry’s, the #1 Organic Egg Brand in the USA and our business partner! Why did we choose to use Organic Free-Range eggs rather than lesser cost alternatives? Well, very broadly: “cage-free” is a marketing talking point, not a true humane egg choice. Learn more about our eggs here: Why organic?. And what about our other ingredients and packaging? Nothing in our bars was chosen at random and without strong consideration for their health, environmental and cost impacts. You can learn more here.

With Scramblers, the dream has become reality. But the journey is just beginning. We are counting on you, our fellow egg-loving dreamers and visionaries, to take the mantle and share Scramblers with the world!

Want to learn more or have any other questions? E-mail Matt and Dan directly right here. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Scramblers Twins