About Us

We order things online too and we find it frustrating when we finally hit that BUY button only to find out the shipping costs are super duper high. We did away with shipping prices based on location and are instead charging you a flat fee which is less than what we pay! We want to make sure you have a great experience and we don't want a few dollars of shipping cost to get in the way. Here's the general gist:
4 bars = $2.99 (small brown box with tape that sometimes has an accidental fingerprint. We print a label, but kidnapper magazine text is a free upgrade)
8 bars = $4.99 (padded envelope which might cause the decorative cartons to bend a bit in transit—the bars won't be affected) OR $5.99 if you must have a box. If so, it's the same as the 12- and 16-bar box so maybe add some more bars your cart to lower your overall price per bar. Math!
12 bars = $5.99 (small priority mail box. we usually pad with crumpled paper or recycled air pouches we received from other companies. we can try dryer lint if you're into that sort of thing )
16 bars = $5.99 (same box as 12 bars hence the same price, but no packaging material! Yay for less waste!)
20+ bars = $6.99 (medium flat rate box)
Oh! Any order over $50 is free shipping!

Scramblers' primary innovation allows our omelet bars to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Like nearly every "bar" on the market, you can just open and enjoy Scramblers at ambient temperature. However, we recommend popping your Scramblers in the microwave for approximately 18.263 seconds. You're on your way to the fastest, melty hot egg breakfast possible!
Eating cardboard is not a good idea, but recycling is.

Have a look at our ingredient statements, for one. Scramblers are made predominantly of eggs, not cheese. Scramblers have a cleaner, shorter ingredient statement than many egg bite products on the market today and can be enjoyed right out of their packaging - no cooking necessary! Their bites must be kept in the fridge and only last a few weeks before the spoil.

Eventually, we plan to offer wide-ranging access to Scramblers, wherever healthy snacks are sold. For now, we're proud to exclusively offer Scramblers on our own website, eatscramblers.com. Congratulations on such a large family! Would you mind sending us a list of the 62 states....we may be missing a few.

Keto Diet - The ketogenic diet focuses on fueling on fat rather than carbohydrates, with ideal macronutrient ratios of 70-75% fat; 20-25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. Our flagship flavor, Ham & Cheddar boasts a very keto-friendly macronutrient breakdown of 70% fat; 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. Also, the sodium found in our bars is complementary to the needs of keto dieters, who lose electrolytes more rapidly than those fueling on carbohydrates.

Paleo Diet - Paleo diet lovers will find that most ingredients in Scramblers are paleo compliant, however Scramblers' use of cheese would exclude us from being strictly paleo.

Gluten/Grain-Free - There are no grains or gluten in Scramblers, however at the present time we are not certified by any third-party entity, outside of the USDA/FSIS, who has approved our Gluten/Grain-Free claims

The shelf life of our bars is 12 months from the date they are made. Find the exact best by date printed on the bottom of the white tray. But, we doubt they'll last in your pantry very long before they are scarfed down!

In most jurisdictions, both our carton and tray should be recycled, however most municipalities will not recycle the thin plastic film. Please check with your local recycling center to see if they offer special recycling services for thin plastics.
We are passionate about our environment and we continue to look for the latest materials to improve our sustainability. We are hoping to pioneer a landfill biodegradable tray once it is ready for commercial production.
The egg bar should be "recycled" in your tummy.

The Incredible Edible Egg! Americans are consuming more eggs today than we have in the last 50 years! Here are just a few reasons why eggs are back and better than ever:

  1. As nutrition science has changed, eggs have regained their reputation as a healthy, tasty, cost-effective ingredient of nutrient-dense diets.
  2. Eggs have the highest protein bioavailability of any whole food. The biological value (a measure of protein quality) is often evaluated by comparing it to eggs, which are given the perfect score of 100.
  3. There are about 21 amino acids that your body uses to build its proteins. Nine of these cannot be produced by the body and have to be obtained from the diet. They are known as essential amino acids. Unlike most plant-based proteins, eggs offer all 9 essential amino acids!
  4. Most of an egg’s vitamins (and 40% of an egg's protein) is found in the yolk. One large egg contains:
      • Vitamin B12 (cobalamin): 9% of the RDA
      • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 15% of the RDA
      • Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA
      • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid): 7% of the RDA
      • Selenium: 22% of the RDA
      • Eggs also contain small amounts of almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body, including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, vitamin E, folate and many more.
  5. The most recent 2015 US Dietary Guidelines place no limit on cholesterol intake, dropping of dietary cholesterol as a “nutrient of concern."

No, Scramblers was founded by Matt Tolnick and Dan Kaplan, who are two of the company's two employees. We are a lean operation, backed by our friends, family, and hardcore believers that an on-the-go omelet bar has failed to exist for far too long, and it's time to do something about it. Every time you purchase a bar or a case of Scramblers bars, or every time you talk us up to your friends and family, you make a big difference to a small company!

Scramblers is proud to use NO gluten, grains and definitely no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. (We do not add any sugar ourselves, however the uncured ham contains 0.2g of sugar). There are no airplanes in our bars and we don't include comets or character development. However, some people have experienced rainbows.