The Original

Omelet Bar



Keto Friendly

Better Breakfasting

Morning is chaos and your on-the-go breakfast options need some variety. Are you tired of cold, messy yogurt? Sweet energy bars? Skipping breakfast?

Get ready for The Original Omelet Bar™

A Scramblers™ bar transforms a beloved breakfast staple into a convenient, better-for-you snack, delivering clean, pasture-raised protein and radically low carbs to kickstart your day. No refrigeration or heating required!

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Free-Range Organic

Scramblers™ bars are the first product to use Free-Range Organic eggs—the best eggs available on the market. Free-Range eggs taste great and are better for you.

Take Anywhere

A healthy, delicious, portable egg snack that doesn't require heating or refrigeration. Where have you been all my life!

Shelf-Stable Egg?

We spent over 2.5 years in the kitchen and the lab honing our patent-pending process. We finally CRACKED the optimal ingredient ratio using a long standing and trusted cooking method. Scramblers™ bars are fully cooked and delicious for 12 months without refrigeration! No chemical preservatives necessary.


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