• A Revolutionary
    Breakfast Snack Bar

Better Breakfasting

Morning is chaos and your on-the-go breakfast options need some variety. Are you tired of cold, messy yogurt? Sweet energy bars? Skipping breakfast?

Get ready for The Original Omelet Bar™

Scramblers® transforms a beloved breakfast staple into a convenient, better-for-you, whole egg snack with 9g free-range protein and just 2g of total carbs. 

Gluten-free. Keto Friendly. No Sweeteners. No Artificial Flavors. No Fridge. No Preservatives.

Wait, What is it?

Made with Pete and Gerry’s® Organic, Free Range Eggs

"We're constantly in airports and on planes, trains, cars & boats, and scarfing down unsatisfying snacks. Scramblers are my new favorites: filling, tasty, and easy to travel with."

-That couple we spoke to last week

"I prefer to add some Brazilian hot sauce on it...sweet but with a little bit of heat taste."

-A person who eats food

"I was super excited to get my hands on the first batch of Scramblers. It's a great idea and I think these bars are going to be a great option for busy and active people!"

-A time traveler

"Very tasty and quick breakfast for on the go! Just like having an omelet without the time and mess of making one."

-The guy from that place we went to

"Very tasty and easy breakfast!"

-A talkative neighbor